Most Beautiful Natural Attractions Around Austria

Kaunergrat, Tyrol

Kaunergrat Tyrol

Nature Park Kaunergrat. This beautiful Austrian natural park is characterised by the high mountain area of the Oetztal Alps.

Lake Faak or Faaker See

Faaker See

Lake Faak or Faaker See is an alpine lake in the Austrian state of Carinthia. With an area of approximately 2.2 kmĀ², it is the state’s fifth-largest lake. Lake Faak is a popular vacation and swimming destination, known for its clear turquoise water

Lake Vilsalpsee


A stunning deep blue lake in the Vilsalpsee Nature Reserve. It is one of the most popular destinations in the Tannheimer valley.

Speicher Durlassboden

Speicher Durlassboden

Ampitheater, Tyrol

Ampitheater, Tyrol


Hallstatt Austria